Our Management & Advisors

Our Management

Dr. Krista Leicht


Dr. Krista Leicht is a Canadian-trained and Alberta-licensed Medical Doctor and Psychiatrist, who brings over twenty years of Clinical experience to the team. She has divided her time in a busy practice, between inpatient and outpatient care, treating both the General Adult Psychiatry population, and specializing in addressing the complex needs of Developmentally Handicapped individuals. Dr. Leicht maintains a hospital practice at Alberta Hospital Edmonton, and sees outpatients in a downtown clinic. She continues to teach medical students, residents, and provides further education to Family Practice colleagues.

Dr. Leicht’s goal in clinical practice and in her own life has always been to Go Beyond – to provide unique and innovative treatments that better enrich the lives of patients is her mission.

Our Advisors

Nicole Babey

About 3 years ago, both Nicole and her husband went through some very difficult times with their mental health, and the two of them decided to look into natural treatment options as traditional pharmaceuticals were not working.  Their research led them to both cannabis and psilocybin containing mushrooms.  Over the last 3 years, Nicole has learned an enormous amount about the physiology and growing needs of fungi including ideal substrate, inoculation methods, incubation techniques, fruiting conditions, and preservation steps.  She has also obtained an extensive genetics library, as well as become an expert on genetics preservation (spore collection and cloning as well as selection criteria to ensure vigorous growth and potency).  She has also done experiential experimentation on dosing in both a micro and macro scale.  Through this process, both Nicole and her husband have seen significant success in managing the symptoms of their mental health conditions, and can see the value in sharing this potential solution with others who suffer from treatment resistant depression, anxiety, and other life impacting issues.  Psychedelics can truly be the key that unlocks a person’s ability to live an enjoyable, productive life.

Faith Shumba

Ms. Shumba has a sales and marketing background which she has used extensively in the cannabis community. With over 10 year experience working within the industry she has developed a passion for natural healing. After spending several years working in real-estate and architecture, she has moved back to her passion of helping people enrich their lives. She strives to be an advocate within the community and as someone who has used psychedelics to drastically change her own life she aspires to help and educate others on how to also use alternative medicines to better their health and mental well-being.

Daniella Smith

Having spent 15 years in the integrative lifestyle and personal coaching industry, Daniela has a strong passion for assisting others with achieving a better sense of being and healthier way of life. She believes, through creating awareness in the body and mind, we can establish a new path that directs us into our strength.